Chemical Name :   Octadecyloxy Propylamino Propylamine
 Synonyms :   Ether Diamine Acetate
 Appearance :   Light Brownish Yellow Liquid
 Structutal Formula :   R-O-(CH2)3NH-(CH2)3-NH2
 Physcial Properties :   Specific Gravity (25oC)          0.8 to 0.9
    Total Amine Value                340 - 350
    % Neutralized                        5
    Viscosity                                50 CPS
 Brief Process of the Product :   Primary Fatty Amine with 12 -18 Carbon Chain Length.
    Partially neutralized by Acetic Acid
 Advantages :   1. Highly selective for fine Silica
    2. Silica Reduction
    3. Increase in Ion recovery
    4. Easily dispersible in water
    5. Increase the efficiency of Collector
 Standard Packing (Kgs.) :   180
:   Used in the Floataton of Silica from iron Ore and Selected
    Non-Ferrous Minerals.
 First Aid Measures
:   In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with copious    amout of water for at least 15 minutes while removing    contaminated Clothing and Shoes. Ensure adequate  flushing of    the eyes by separating the eyelids with fingers.If inhaled,    remove to fresh Air .If required, give Artificial Breathing . If    breathing is difficult given Oxygen. If Swallowed, wash out    mouth with Water, Provided person is conscious. Call a    Physician.