Chemical Name :   Acetic Acid Choride, Ethanoyl Choride
 Structural Formula :   CH3COCl
 Molecular Weight :   78.5
 CAS No. :   75 - 36 - 5
 Commercial Form :   Colourless fuming liquid with pungent Odour
 Density :   1.104
 Boiling Point :   Min. 95% is distilled below 53oC
 Refractive Index @ 20o C :   1.38

 Flash point approx. (o C)

:   5o C
 Assay :   98% (Min.)
 Standard Packing :   50 Kg. HM HDPE Carboys
:   Used in the Manufacture of Ibuprofen,
    Ciprofloxicin, Acetophenone, Choroacetylchloride,
    Parahydroxy Acetophenone (PHAP)
    Paramethyl Aceto Phenon, Salbutamol Sulphate.
 General Use :   Acetylating Agent, Chlorinating Agent, Catalyst and     Analytical     Reagent.
:   Causes irritation to skin and mucous membrane.
    Handle with care , Use protective clothing, gloves and     goggles. In case of contact with body, wash with plenty of     water. Store in cool and dry place, away from moisture .     Reacts violently with water