Appearance :   Transparent Liquid
 Molecular Formula :   CH3
 CAS No. :   10563-29-8
 Odour :   Ammonia Like
 Specific Gravity :   0.82
 Boiling Point :   125oC at 60 mm (approx.)
 Freezing Point :   Less than -50oC
 Solubility in Water :   Miscible

 Flash point approx (o C)

:   48
 Specification :   Purity by GC                        99.0% min.
    Moisture by KF                     1.0% max
 Standard Packing (Kgs.) :   160
 Application :   Used as prepolymer hardner for epoxy resins which are     resistant to acids and alkalies.
 First Aid Measures
:   Skin Contact : Flood all areas of body that have contacted the     substance with water. Don`t wait to remove contaminated     clothing; do it under the water stream. Use soap to help     assure removal. Isolate contaminated clothing when removed     to prevent contact by other

    Eye Contact : Remove any contact lenses at once.     Immediately flush eyes well with water or normal saline for     atleast 20 - 30 minutes. Seek medical attention.

    Inhalation : Leave contaminated area immediately breathe     fresh air. Proper respiratory protection must be supplied to     any rescuers. If coughing, difficult breathing or any other     symptoms develop; seek medical attention at once, even if     symptoms develop many hours after exposure.