Synonyms :   Trichloroacetaldehyde / Anhydrous
 Appearance :   Colourless Oily Liquid
 Molecular Formula :   CCL3CHO
 UN No. :   2075
 CAS No. :   75-87-6
 Molecular Weight :   147.39
 Physical Properties :   Specific Gravity
    Boiling Point
    Freezing Point
    Flash Point Approx

    Vapour Pressure
 : 1.51 g/ml
 : 98o C
 : -57.5o C
 : Soluble n Water
 : 75o C (167o F)
 : Combustible
 : Sensitive to air, light    and moisture
 : 35mm Hg at 20o C
   Purity by GC
99.0 % Min.
98.0 % Min.
 Moisture by KF
0.02 % Max.
0.1 % Max.
 Acidity as HCL
0.15 % Max.
0.25 % Max.
 Standard Packing (Kgs.) :   250
 Applications :   Used in Pesticides [Dichlorvos (DDVP), Monocrptophos],     Prefumery (Rose Crystals), Drugs (Diloxinide Furate, Methyl     Dichloro Acetate, Chloroform)
 First Aid Measures
:   Skin Contact : Flood all areas of body that have contacted the substance with water. Don`t wait to remove contaminated clothing; do it under the water stream Use soap to help assure removal. Isolate contaminated clothing when removed to prevent contact by others.

Eye Contact : Remove any contact lenses at once. Flush eyes well with copious quantities of water or normal saline for atleast 20 -30 minutes. Seek medical attention.

Inhalation : Leave contaminated area immediately; breathe fresh air. Proper respiratory protection must be supplied to any rescuers. If coughing, difficult breathing or any other symptoms develop, seek medical attention at once, even if symptoms develop many hours after exposure.