Synonyms :   B-Phenyl Ethyl Amine
    Benzene Ethane Amine
    B-Amino Ethyl Benzene
 Emperical Formula :   C8H11N
 Structural Formula :   C6H5-CH2-CH2-NH2
 CAS No. :   64-04-0
 Molecular Weight :   121.2
 Physical Properties :   Specific Gravity                                      0.965 at 20oC

    Vapour Pressures                                   86-87oC at 23mbar
                                                                 194.5 -195oC at 1 atm

    Solubility                                                Water,Methanol,
                                                                  Isopropanol and                                                                   Butanol    
 Specifications :   Purity by GC                                                    99.0 % min.
    Moisture by K. F.                                              1 % max.
 Standard Packing (Kgs.) :   200
 Applications :   Used in the manufacture of Phenformin, Glimeparide, Glipizide     and Glibenclamide which are Anti-Diabetic Drugs.
 First Aid Measures
:   In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with copious     amounts of water for at least 15 minutes while removing     contaminated & clothing and shoes.

    Ensure adequate flushing of the eyes by separating the     eyelids with fingers.

    If inhaled, remove to fresh air . If required give artificial     respiration.
    If breathing is difficult give oxygen . If swallowed wash out     mouth with water, provided person is conscious. Call     a  Physician.